There are five main benefits of sleeping on a waterbed:                        

  • Total back and body support
  • Minimal surface pressure for comfort and relief
  • A genuinely hygienic mattress
  • A constant, controlled “optimum” sleeping temperature
  • Strength and durability

Is a waterbed good for a bad back?

Yes a waterbed supports your back in the best possible way. When you lie on a waterbed the water takes up the precise shape of your body. The bed doesn’t sag but adjusts to your body whatever your weight. All this combined with the reduced pressure on the surface and the wonderful warmth, provide the ideal support for you back.

Is a waterbed good for pregnant women?

Water mattresses are thought to be very beneficial during pregnancy, offering a relaxed, stress-free sleeping environment and optimum comfort and support. A waterbed also alleviates the pressure of a heavy uterus.

What if my partner is heavier than me?

A water bed will support you both equally. Even if there is a difference in weight an adjustment in the water level will support you both equally. You can also choose to go for a dual (twin) mattress.

Will a waterbed make me feel seasick?

No, sleeping on a waterbed is very soothing and helps contribute to a good nights sleep. A waterbed only moves if you move and any movements you make will be gentle, stopping as soon as you stop moving. Also the reduced pressure of a waterbed will mean less tossing and turning during the night and if you have a dual system where there are two mattresses on either side it will further reduce any disturbance of movement from your partner.

Will a waterbed burst?

Never. A waterbed is a pressure-less system. If you sit on the mattress and open the filler cap – no water will come out. A waterbed is not like an air mattress which is under constant pressure. Even in the unlikely event that the mattress is punctured, the water would only slowly be absorbed into the surrounding safety liner.

What happens if the waterbed get punctured? (i.e. from pet claws etc)

This is extremely unlikely, modern technology means that the mattress is very stong and can withstand alot of pressure. In the unlikely event that this this did happen the water would be contained within the safety liner preventing any leakage onto the floor.

Can you repair a leak in a waterbed?

Yes, in the unlikely event that this did happen a special patch can be applied (provided) which will seal the leak and will have no long term effects to the quality of the bed.

Why do you heat a waterbed and is it safe?

Heat is one of the most effective ways of relieving pain and relaxing. The waterbed heater system uses a low wattage pad that is placed on the base underneath the mattress and safety liner. A variable thermostat, controlling the on/off mode of the pad, constantly maintains the water temperature at your selected setting. The are double insulated and safe.

Will the mattress sag?

No. A water mattress is a very forgiving surface even if you jump on it. Unlike conventional springs a waterbed will not sag or distort. Even in ten years time your waterbed will remain as comfortable and supportive as it was when you bought it.

How hygienic is a waterbed?

Waterbeds are more hygienic than other conventional beds. The vinyl mattress prevents dust and mites from going into the mattress. The vinyl can also be cleaned with our vinyl cleaner which cleans away any dust or dirt. Most waterbeds also have a removable cover which can be laundered to kill any dust mites. A waterbed offers the most easily cleaned, hygienic type of sleep surface there is.

How often do you have to change the water?

Never, unless you move house. All the bed requires is a bottle of water conditioner added once a year which will keep the water fresh.

Is much maintenance required?

After installation the only maintenance required is the addition of a water conditioner every 12 months to maintain the suppleness of the vinyl and prevent algae growth. Regular wiping of the surface with an approved vinyl cleaner is also recommended.

Will my floor need reinforcing? 

Every waterbed has a pedestal base which distributes the weight evenly. This means you actually exert more pressure on your floor when having a bath! Waterbeds can be safely accommodated in any type of house or flat, old or new.

Can you put a waterbed mattress into my existing frame?

If you have a bed frame that will fit a conventional mattress/divan then it will fit a soft-sided divan waterbed. It is quite normal to set them up within brass frames, four posters, sleigh beds etc. There are situations where a waterbed cannot fit within a standard or custom bed frame.

How long will my waterbed last?

Waterbeds are extremely durable. If well maintained, a vinyl water mattress can last a lifetime.